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M4555MFP Odor

Author: Metrofuser Tech Support Reference Number: AA-06368 Views: 1996 Created: 2014-02-24 09:44 am Last Updated: 2014-02-24 09:45 am 0 Rating/ Voters


Odors from this printer will either come from a fuser or an electrical part failing. The unmistakable smell of plastic burning  would come from a circuit board that is failing and some components are breaking down. In this case something is going to fail or not work. The other smell might come from the fuser as this is where heat is generated. There is grease inside the sleeve that heats up and becomes more viscous or sticky which enables the sleeve to rotate properly. If you have replaced your fuser and now have some odor that was not there before its very likely  the fuser is just going through its burn in process and the odor will dissipate shortly.

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