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HP Laserjet M-Series MFP's, 49.4C02 Error After Firmware Upgrade

Author: Reference Number: AA-03893 Views: 19394 Created: 2011-08-03 11:51 am Last Updated: 2012-01-27 02:49 pm 0 Rating/ Voters


      This error can affect monochrome and color M-series multifunction printers. In some instances after upgrading a LaserJet M-series MFP firmware upon rebooting the 49 error will occur. As soon as the printer is connected to the network the error appears. Disconnecting the printer from the network seems to prevent the error from occurring after the upgrade. The problem seems to be with the Kerberos Authentication feature. The file might get corrupted during the upgrade. Kerberos is a secure method for authenticating a request for a service on a network.  It enables a user to request an encrypted ticket from an authentication process that can be used to request a particular service from a server. The user’s password does not have to pass through the network.

        The following list shows some of the printer's and the firmware levels which might be affected by upgrading the firmware.

PRINTER                               UPGRADING FROM                         UPGRADING TO

M3027mfp, M3035mfp    20071211 48.051.1 or earlier      20080405 48.061.8 or later

M4345mfp                        20071211 48.051.1 or earlier      20080405 48.061.8 or later

M5025mfp                        20071211 48.051.1 or earlier      20080405 48.061.8 or later

CM4730mfp                     20071211 50.031.0 or earlier      20080405 50.041.8 or later

CM6030/6040mfp            20080118 50.003.0 or earlier      20080405 52.012.0 or later

CM3530mfp                     20080821 02.066.0 or earlier      20081210 53.011.2 or later

M9040/9050mfp               20071210 50.002.0 or earlier      20080405 51.011.9 or later

9250C Digital Sender       20071211 48.041.0 or earlier      20080404 48.051.7 or later

      If the error is related to a corrupt Kerberos configuration file, one way to try and prevent the error from occurring is to clear the Kerberos settings from the printer before upgrading the firmware. You can access the Kerberos authentication configuration from the embedded web server of the printer. This feature will be found on the settings tab of the embedded web server. Web Jetadmin can be used to clear these settings as well. The restore factory settings command which can be accessed from the control panel of these printers can be used, but in doing so all the configuration settings will be reset to factory defaults. Install the upgrade and test. If there is more than one printer that will be getting upgraded I would suggest you test one thoroughly before proceeding.

         The CM6030/6040 mfp printer might experience some problems when booting up where the printer stops at stage 5 of 6 or hangs and might display a 49.4C02. This could be caused by corrupt NVRAM values. Starting with firmware revision 52.081.2, the NVRAM values are no longer being written to the hard drive. These are now being written to directly to the formatter. The following procedure should allow you to get past the reported boot progress hang or the 49.4C02 error.

          Turn the printer off and remove the network cable. Turn the printer on and perform  a partial NVRAM initialization.( Turn the printer on, when the display starts to count the memory press and hold 3 until all three lights on the panel are lit. Press 9 one time, and then press and release START. Press 6 one time). The printer should boot past stage 5 and 6 of the boot progress now and not display a 49.4C02.  Cancel out of the wizard setup screens. Turn the printer off and connect the network cable. Turn the printer on and perform a cold reset.( Turn the printer on and when the printer shows the memory counting press and hold the 6 key until all three lights on the control panel are lit, release the 6 key. Press 3 or 9 to scroll to cold reset and then 6 to select). Flash the latest available firmware to the printer.