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13.02.00 or 13.05.00 or 13.20.00 or 13.21.00 Jam in top cover area.

Author: Reference Number: AA-00541 Views: 20031 Created: 2010-12-08 03:36 pm Last Updated: 2010-12-08 03:36 pm 0 Rating/ Voters

Jam exists in the top cover area. 13.02.00 error message indicates that media did not pass the top-of -page sensor(PS103) within the specified time. 13.05.00 error message indicates that the media did not arrive at the fuser delivery sensor(PS108) within the specified time. 13.20.00 error message indicates that the printer power was turned on or that the printer attempted to initialize while the pre-feed sensor) PS(102) and/or the fuser delivery sensor (PS108) was detecting media. 13.21.00 error message indicates that the top cover open switch (SW101) was activated while a print job was printing (the top cover was opened or the switch is defective).

1. Press the HELP button for detailed information about clearing the jam. Press the UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW button to step through the instructions.

2. Check the pre-feed,top-of-page,and fuser assembly sensors (PS102,PS103 and PS 108) and verify the sensor arms move freely.

3. If the paper-feed assembly has been replaced,verify that the pre-feed sensor (PS 102) is installed correctly.

4. Replace the top-of page sensor (PS103)

5. Replace the top-cover-open switch (SW101).

6. Replace the fuser (PS108)

7. Replace the DC controller PCA.